Love with a Pure Heart – June 23, 2022

Dear Readers,

When I think about our young people today at times I must admit it breaks my heart. It seems many are confused, not really knowing what’s right or what’s wrong, with social media, television, talk radio and movies today that seem to take the lead in the influence of our young.  

The other day a small kid, maybe just in preschool came by with her babysitter after school. I love talking with the kids, they’re so cute. If I happen to be in a store when they come in I try to get them to say their ABC’s, then I reward them with a prize. I always like to spark up a conversation with those little ones, when I see them.  

I was asking one little girl how she liked school, she shrugged her shoulders and turned around. Then all of a sudden she turned around and blurted out, “I hate Trump!” I was surprised by the bitterness that came pouring out of that tiny little one’s mouth. Trying hard not to act surprised, I asked her, “Why do you hate President Trump?” She was surprised I didn’t respond back by agreeing with her. So when I asked her why, she looked at me with her little confused eyes, and I looked at her waiting for her answer. Then she turned around and said, “I don’t know, I just hate him!”     

That little one was the victim of an adult filled with hate. Sad indeed, but many of our young people today have been wrapped in a web of nonsense, influenced by half truths. Another little one was screaming, the week before that little one was just learning to go potty, let alone screaming, “I hate Trump!” I smiled and said, “You’re too little to hate anyone, and besides hating anyone is not good. Whether you like someone or not we should never hate someone. We need to stop all the hate, and pray, and thank God for His blessings over this land. 

When I see people hate, scream, burn our flag, and wish for anyone including our President to die or fail. I think to myself, “Are you foolish?”  It’s like wishing for the pilot of the plane you’re on to die, never thinking about how the plane would land without a pilot. It would be a terrible crash landing, with the death of everyone.  It’s time to stop the hate, fighting and evil speaking. If you live in the United States, we have a president, and guess what, their president so stop wishing evil. We’re in this land together. His success is our success. Pastor’s who promote rebellion in church members by speaking evil against authority need to repent ASAP. And remember Daniel served 5 wicked kings, and brought God’s favor down from heaven. Jesus is love, and He’s our strength and hope for this land. Now start praying and speak peace, Jesus said, “Love your enemy, do good to those who do bad to you, pray for them who despitefully use you, and bless them who curse you.” 

Let’s all get back to the Truth, God’s Word and reach out to the lost soul. The devil is the author of confusion, hating, slandering, and division. Christian should never give the devil a place in your home, stop bringing confusion to your children. Life is too short, love life, love people, love our nation, it’s all we have.

And join me for a Sunday 10 a.m. Church service; A Touch From Above, Prayer Mountain 16145 Hwy 67, Ramona CA 92065. No, it’s not a big fancy building, but it’s filled with God’s love and His Spirit. Join me Facebook Live Wednesday’s @ 7 p.m. @DrLuauna Stines.  I love you!  Hope to meet you soon!

In His Love & mine,

Dr. Luauna Stines