Forever Love – February 10th

Dear Reader

I want to talk to you about the subject of LOVE, after all Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s amazing how so many today, really don’t know what true love is. I was thinking about my grandmother and grandfather they were married for many years, over 65. When I was a little girl, I would spend all summer at their home. Still today if I close my eyes I can smell the coffee brewing and the bacon cooking.

My grandfather was a farmer, and what a hard worker he was, I think he might have told the old rooster. “It’s time to get up!” Because not too long after he made his way out the door, I could hear old Mr. Rooster crow. But before my grandfather made it off to work, he would place bacon in a pan, and start the coffee brewing, then gently wake up my grandmother. I could hear his old pickup truck drive down the road, until it faded into silence, into the fields to start his day’s work.

It was maybe an hour or two later, I would hear my grandpa’s truck, he returned already sweating from working to sit down to a breakfast spread, potatoes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, juice and coffee, fresh butter, and homemade jelly. My grandpa, with his gentle smile, took his hat off at the door, and always said, “Sure does smell good!’ We’d all three sit down, smile, laugh, and eat as much as my belly would hold. Yummy!

My grandmother would always get up and make sure my grandpa’s cup was filled with coffee! When he was finished, he always told my grandmother, “Now that’s a great breakfast,” then he’d smile at me and say, “Your grandma’s a keeper.”  He’d give my grandma a kiss and a hug and right out the door and off into the fields. Sometimes he’d forget his lunch and my grandma would hand me his old lunch pail and I’d run as fast I could to hand it to him before he drove off.

Years passed, and they were getting older, my grandfather was still a very hard worker, now at 80 years old, his hands would shake. We’d always sit on his front porch after dinner, he in his old comfortable chair, and my grandma’s chair not too far off, and mine on the other side. I used to think, “Grandpa’s chair must be a hundred years old!”  Grandma always made fresh desserts as far back as I could remember.  When we went outside, I knew dessert was soon to follow! Like clockwork, my grandma, would say, “Who wants dessert?” ME, and within a few minutes she would come out with bowls of something yummy. She’d return with a cup of fresh coffee for my grandpa. I noticed she would gently place the cup in his hand, and it was now only ½ filled. She was watching out for my grandpa; she’d smile and sit down. Later she would get up and pour the other ½ of coffee in his cup.   

They loved and respected one another, they worked hard together. In God’s Word He tells us how to build a forever love. I Corinthians 13; ‘Love is not rude, seeks not its own, is not provoked, and thinks no evil.’ Love is more than just the outward appearance of beauty. You want to find forever love? Find someone who loves JESUS more than you do. Jesus is love. Today, many love just themselves! They’re number one, and that’s a very selfish self-centered love that only ends in brokenness. Let’s work on your relationship with Jesus.

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Dr. Luauna Stines