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A Touch From Above with Dr. Luauna Stines
Sunday at 9 a.m. – Cox channel 18 and 23.

Tuesday 7 p.m. – Cox channel 18 and 23.
Wednesday at 5 p.m. – Time Warner Channel 19.

Our program can be seen throughout San Diego country.

If you are out of the area, you can watch our Television programs; Dr. Luauna Stines, anytime on Youtube. We are working hard to up load all our television programs for your viewing and your Christian growth. You are important, and know Jesus LOVES you so very much. Together we can reach the lost and broken hearted for Jesus Christ our Lord and amazing Savior. God bless YOU!

Attitudes Of Excellence

A Touch From Above Television Programs

Purpose Of Creation Part – 1

Purpose Of Creation Part -2

Purpose Of Creation 3

Purpose Of Creation 4

Out of Nothing Comes Nothing

Life From the Inside

Another Gospel

Obey the Truth

Don’t Stop