A Mother’s Story




A Mother’s Story – Part One shares how my husband was murdered, a fight with cancer, and left to raise two children. I was alone, broken and hurting, losing everything all my possessions. Even homeless, living in my car from one parking lot to another, afraid of losing my children. Thinking I picked myself up, I went to school, started making really good money only to find myself in an invisible prison. A prison of rejection, drugs, money, and a web trapping me tighter and tighter. Never facing betrayal, or rejection. Betrayal comes in many forms and if you’ve lived for any amount of time on this earth you will find yourself at some point in life in a place when someone you trusted or loved betrays you. Two things can happen, you become bitter or better! When you’ve been betrayed it does hurt deeply, and most of the time you did not expect the betrayal, when all of a sudden it hits you. At first you’ll go through a flood of emotions. Be careful you don’t want to be led by your emotions; they change from one day to the next. Then you may want to defend yourself, DO NOT defend yourself. Hold your peace and your tongue. Then you must watch for anger it’ll come to visit you. Betrayal loves to turn into a state of anger. Stop, because anger will not change the fact you were betrayed, nor will it make you feel any better in the end. Read how I ended up in a deep pit without notice. I was broken, shattered, and restored by Grace. I felt I needed to share my story that is why I wrote this book. When I received the news. “Your husband is laying in an alley drunk.” I knew something was really wrong, only to find out he was murdered. He was having an affair with a married woman. Her husband came home caught him and killed him. What do you do in such a time? Fall apart? Give up? When you are hardest hit is when you must not quit. Sometimes you may want to throw in the towel, give up and crawl in a deep hole. I pray after reading my book, A Mother’s Story-Part One and Part Two you will see no matter what hits you, you can rise again, get up and lift your head. This is my story, a life torn apart in one moment. What happened and how was I able to rise again. I share how I came through, and you will also discover how you too can overcome no matter what trial you face. A heart gripping true inspirational story. Know someone in need? You could possibly save their life. It will bring change to your life and others. You were born for greatness, and you can achieve it.

About the Author

Dr. Luauna Stines is the Founder and President of A Touch From Above, LSM Inc. She has ministered for over 33 years, received an Honorary Doctorate from the I.M.I Bible College & Seminary; a District Ministerial License from LIFE Bible College of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. She also holds an Education Certificate in Ministry Training & Development from Oral Roberts University. Founder of Victorious Homes for Men and Women, a discipleship program which has had over 500 men and women come through the program for over 20 years in Colorado, Oregon and California. Dr. Luauna is an Evangelist and has preached the gospel all over the world; in countries such as South Korea, Australia, England, Germany, Mexico, Central Africa, not to mention throughout the United States. Shares on television which airs in San Diego, California. Ministers on a daily radio program in Mindanao, Philippines and another weekly radio program that airs in San Diego, California. Dr. Luauna Stines writes a weekly column in the East County Gazette in San Diego, California. Her Blog is DrLuauna.com And author of Mission America: A true story of faith, five single women traveled across the United States with 250,000 gospel tracts, a gospel tent and Bibles. Starting from San Diego, CA to the East Coast preaching in every stop and every town; then home again. Reloaded and up the coast of California to Washington state and throughout the west.


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