True Love

A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain

Dear Readers,

I lived in Seoul, Korea and I heard a true story that touched my heart. Back when Korea was at war, the Communist enemy came in with a vengeance. The Korean people were hurting, starving, and broken and had to move fast to find refuge from the turmoil. Winter came and temperatures dropped to freezing. An 81/2 month pregnant woman fled for her life with others after her husband was killed. They ate what they could find under the snow as well as bark from the trees to keep their strength.

Moving slower the woman fell back, yet, thinking of her baby she kept moving, remembering a missionary camp not too far away. Suddenly the night came, and it began snow. Finding a place to rest and get out of the storm she hid under an old wooden bridge. The temperature was freezing, and suddenly she had one great pain after another and realized she was going into labor. She cried out but no one heard her as she gave birth. Seeing the beautiful baby boy she remembered the love of her husband. The baby was cold, and his lips turned blue. She took off all her clothes and wrapped the baby tightly in a bundle; she curled in a ball to keep the baby warm, and that night she froze to death.

The following morning the missionaries set out to see who they could help. One missionary heard a noise and told her husband to stop. Standing still they heard something again. Climbing down and looking under the old wooden bridge, they were shocked to see the frail naked body. The husband taking off his jacket covered the woman up and reached down to carry her to the car. All of a sudden the little bundle moved. He beckoned his wife who hurried down and saw the bundle move. She saw the baby’s beautiful dark eyes look up at her. They surmised she must have tried to reach the missionary camp.

The husband carried the woman, and the wife carried the baby to the car. They buried the woman at the camp, and knowing the war left many orphans decided they would raise the baby boy.

Now grown, and the war over, the boy loved his adopted father and mother. One day he asked how they acquired him. They told him how his mother gave birth under the old wooden bridge in the freezing night. They shared how she took off her clothes to keep him from freezing so he could have life.

A few days passed, and looking for the young man they found him on his knees at his mother’s grave. Weeping, and taking off his clothes, he cried “Oh mother, oh mother I will keep you warm; I love you mother.” The father, filled with compassion, wept to see his son so broken. He knelt beside him covered him with a blanket, and held him in his arms like a child. That day at the grave the father shared the story how Jesus was stripped, beaten and laid down his life at the Cross of Calvary so we may live and have eternal life. That day Jesus came into the heart of that young man, and he became a preacher.

Dear friends, Jesus loves you so much. John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

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God bless you,
In His Love & mine
Dr. Luauna Stines