Golden Nuggets




Wisdom comes when we least expect it, and in each one of these chapters are Golden Nuggets, short stories and words of wisdom to help you with all different situations that may come along our paths of life.

I also share personal experiences and messages which the Lord has shown me in everyday life. I have learned great lessons from life’s circumstances. In an orphanage as a child, the death of a husband, single motherhood raising two children, cancer and many other trials. Golden Nuggets, Proverbs 25:11

Every day we are faced with circumstances and people from all walks of life. These short messages, stories and letters may apply to situations you or someone else maybe facing. I have been working with people for over 34 years, I love people. What a joy when some of those people become life long friends. Yes, and some people we meet may be better left on the other side of the world.

I have learned so many things from so many people I have had the privilege to come in contact with. You will see how each person you meet can add to your life golden nuggets of wisdom. From the 80 year old missionary to Africa, who lost his wife, who shared with me, how everyday is a gift from above. To the old Alaskan Indian man almost 85 years old sitting on the edge of the river bank who was one of the best fishermen I had ever met. Thank you for reading my book, Golden Nuggets. God bless you.

About the Author

 Dr. Luauna Stines is the Founder and President of A Touch From Above, LSM Inc. She has ministered for over 33 years, received an Honorary Doctorate from the I.M.I Bible College & Seminary; a District Ministerial License from LIFE Bible College of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. She also holds an Education Certificate in Ministry Training & Development from Oral Roberts University. Founder of Victorious Homes for Men and Women, a discipleship program which has had over 500 men and women come through the program for over 20 years in Colorado, Oregon and California. Dr. Luauna is an Evangelist and has preached the gospel all over the world; in countries such as South Korea, Australia, England, Germany, Mexico, Central Africa, not to mention throughout the United States. Shares on television which airs in San Diego, California. Ministers on a daily radio program in Mindanao, Philippines and another weekly radio program that airs in San Diego, California. Dr. Luauna Stines writes a weekly column in the East County Gazette in San Diego, California. Her Blog is And author of Mission America: A true story of faith, five single women traveled across the United States with 250,000 gospel tracts, a gospel tent and Bibles. Starting from San Diego, CA to the East Coast preaching in every stop and every town; then home again. Reloaded and up the coast of California to Washington state and throughout the west.