Pastor Barry Click

Pastor Barry Click was born in 1947, the son of a U.S. Naval Aviator. His dad had grown up as a farmer’s son in Illinois and his mother was also from Illinois, where she was born as a first generation American, having parents who were immigrants from Armenia. His parents met during World War II and were married right after the war, choosing to stay in the Navy, since his dad loved Naval Aviation. Due to his parents’ motorcycle accident not long after he was born, Pastor Click’s mother couldn’t have more children and he grew up as an only child, traveling around the country wherever his father was assigned and living in such places as Newfoundland, Morocco and Spain.

In 1964, upon graduation from High School in Spain, he went to college, left to serve in the U.S Army during the Vietnam War and returned to Texas A&M University to graduate in 1972. He went into the life insurance business and also served as an active Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer. He married in 1977 a woman with whom he had a son and daughter. She divorced him in 1985 as he was seeking the Lord.

In 1986 he found the Lord and began Bible College. He brought his children with him to the Foursquare Church in Escondido, California where he was saved. In 1989 Pastor Barry was introduced by his Senior Pastor to a Foursquare missionary named Cherie who became his wife in 1993. She helped him rear his children and care for his parents who had retired in Escondido and who had brought him to the Church where he was saved.

In 2004 Pastor Barry, after having served in lay ministry for several years, and after much prayer and deliberation, decided to close his insurance practice in Escondido, California to answer God’s call to full-time ministry. He became credentialed and with Pastor Cherie was preparing to go to Malaysia where they had been invited to serve as missionary directors of the English language section of a Foursquare Bible College. However, the director of their own church Bible College had to leave for family needs in another part of the country and their Senior Pastor asked Pastor Barry to stay and direct that Bible College. After trying unsuccessful alternatives, and much prayer, he and his wife decided to stay.

Since 2004, Pastor Barry Click has served in a variety of ministry capacities at his original Foursquare Church in Escondido, California which is known as Escondido Christian Center. He has served as Bible College Director, Church Administrator, and Director of Men’s Ministries. He loves to mentor young people and youth leaders and continues to teach Bible College Courses. He is passionate about the need for Christians to be able to explain the inspiration and authority of Scripture.