Jill Campbell

A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain

Jill Campbell has been faithful in ministry for over 30 years. She served in our military forces in the Army as a medic stationed in San Antonio, Hawaii and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jill moved into Dr. Luauna’s first discipleship home in Colorado Springs and served as an Administrator and Leader for the home. She worked diligently for 12 years with the discipleship program as the homes expanded from one to three homes. The training and experience naturally led Jill to rise into her calling to serve in A Touch From Above Ministries.

She traveled on missionary trips to South Korea; Malawi, Africa; Australia and across the United States. Her role as Project Manager has been vital to Dr. Luauna’s Television, Radio and Evangelism Outreaches. Because of Jill’s strong burden for the lost she has dedicated her life to being a prayer warrior and soul winner for God’s Kingdom. Her great faith and commitment to do whatever it takes to help Dr. Luauna reach the world for Jesus is priceless. Jill has been ordained and serves as an Assistant Pastor with A Touch From Above.

The Race of Life 1-23-13

We are all running a race, the race of life. If you are 50 years old, you’re possibly half way there. If you are 20 you’re just beginning so it seems. No man or woman is guaranteed tomorrow, your race could end anytime. To fear God is the beginning of wisdom. Live your life to obtain the prize, run with integrity and perseverance.

Prayer is an essential part of your race, along with spiritual food, the Word of God. Follow the Word with the best of your ability. When you make mistakes repent, learn and get up, continue to run. Don’t let the weights of life easily beset you. Keep your heart with all diligence for that is the key to not quitting. Forgive and forget those things that are behind you, press toward the mark of the upward call. We will all run the race God has for us, run that you may obtain the prize. Most important we are not of those who shrink back. Daily, your flesh wants to have its way.

To shrink back, ignoring the Holy Spirit’s prompting and settling into a mediocre lifestyle. Fight, don’t shrink back, pray, read your word, and witness. We are joint heirs with Jesus, we are His, bought with a high price. Let us make our Father proud today as we run for His glory!

God Bless,
Jill Campbell