Start 2015 In Prayer

Start off the New Year 2015 with prayer. Join as we read through the Bible and then pray for our nation. Corporate prayer for our Nation is so powerful. Call in every Tuesday – Friday at 5:30 a.m., dial 1-712-432-3022, then enter the code:  754640

Years back I lived in Seoul, Korea, and ministered under Dr. Yonggi Cho. This humble man of God caught the understanding of the power which comes in prayer. While living in Korea, I learned about prayer. Every day I was challenged, a driver picked me up every morning at 4 a.m. to drive me to the big church for a 5 a.m. corporate prayer, where over 10,000 people were already praying.

God’s people gathered every day to cry out in prayer for their nation. This stirred my heart deeply, because arriving in Korea; I thought I knew about prayer already. I was faithful to daily prayer for years, but I was now seeing something far beyond my natural understanding in prayer.

As time passed, I had the wonderful privilege to preach for hundreds of Korean churches throughout South Korea. I noticed they all had one major thing in common, prayer.  Prayer was their key to God’s blessing to change a once war torn nation.

Or was it prayer kept their enemy at a distance, “North Korea?” Was this power behind prayer like the power behind Moses who when his hands were lifted the enemy was defeated? But when Moses was tired and found his arms were heavy, the enemy was taking ground?

After many years of living and traveling back and forth into South Korea, I realized the Spirit sent me to Korea, not to stay, even though it was so tempting. Seeing that we needed something like Korea, a Prayer Mountain, a place set apart just for prayer. I realized this was something new to Americans. (Please don’t be upset, allow me to finish before you stop reading.) As I shared the vision of a place for God’s people to pray, many really didn’t know or understand what I was speaking about. You see, years ago we sent missionaries into Korea after the war. These American missionaries almost 50 years ago, set the wonderful example of prayer.

They knew prayer was the key to victory in Korea, their war torn nation.

Today in America, we must learn to go back to the basics, “PRAYER!” Little by little, people are coming to pray at A Touch From Above – Prayer Mountain. Funny, sometimes when people come to the Prayer Mountain they ask, “Where is the TV, or don’t you have internet in the cabins?” Some even say, “This is a great place for retreat. Or can we swim in the pool?”

We have retreated for too long. Prayer has been replaced with music, (now I love music) or programs. I trust the Holy Spirit to gather a people to pray for our nation, our cities, and our lost families. Prayer is our key to keep our enemy at a distance. We are surrounded by an evil force; false religions, and greed in every form, and so much more. Prayer is our key to victory!

Set yourself a time to come and pray. Need a miracle? Need God’s direction?


My prayer for 2015 is that the Holy Spirit will send me a few amazing men who really know how to build that would come along side me and help me fulfill the VISION of A Touch from Above- Prayer Mountain.

To catch the vision and run with it, knowing we can change the world through prayer, touching heaven from our knees. Help change our nation through prayer.
God bless you!
I love you.

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In His Love & mine,
Dr. Luauna Stines