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Dr. Luauna’s Upcoming Seminar Schedule at the Prayer Mountain
Registration is required, lunch will be served for #12 per person

Healing from Divorce Seminar

We are scheduling seminars for different topics at the Prayer Mountain and in many cities. Dr. Luauna goes in depth teaching and answering the details of each subject. Seminars are for anyone who wants to build on the foundation of God’s word. These seminars are for both men and women.

Healing from Divorce Unfortunately, in this time when divorce is on the rise, we have to stop and think, many times the Lord has not been the one to put some marriages together. Therefore it has caused divorce to be rampant in our society. Also for many reasons; the value of marriage is under attack by the forces of darkness. The purpose of this page is not to promote divorce. Our ministry clings to the word of God and stands upon the importance of the marriage relationship between one man and one woman.

Parenting Jesus is always ready to answer a heartfelt cry. My children were very young when my husband died. My son was only two years old, and I was pregnant with my daughter when he was killed. We had no insurance, I was young and not sure what I was going to do, at the time of my husband’s death. I was not a Christian; my life seemed like it was so shook up. It was as if the rug had just been pulled from underneath me. I was filled with fear, anger, and deep pain in my heart. I had to learn how to raise my children according to God’s Word. Today, my children are grown and they love the Lord and the ministry with all of their heart. God’s plan for parenting works!

Broken? Seminar Have you ever had your heart or life broken into so many pieces, you did not know you could be mended? Dr. Luauna deals on a very personal level about her testimony of being broken, betrayed and rejected. She uses her life to show you how the Holy Spirit can go deep within your heart and heal your brokenness. The Lord loves you and you can overcome your past to become a new creature in Christ!

God’s Women of Power Seminar In the beginning God gave dominion to both men and women in the Garden of Eden, He made them co-laborers and both had access to great blessing. The devil came and tricked them into handing their dominion over, bringing a curse. Did God really curse Eve?

Are women to keep silent in the churches? Why did Paul say he did not permit a woman to exercise authority over a man? What if you are a woman called to work the ministry, can you preach? Can you pastor? These questions and more will be answered according to the word of God! We need laborers in the harvest field; the devil is still the cunning serpent of the garden tricking believers out of their destiny and dominion. The bible says, Galatians 3:28, ” There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

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