Pastor Norman E. Moon

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Announcement :

Pastor Norman Moon, our dear beloved friend in Christ as gone from this life to the wonderful arms of Jesus. He will be truly missed and always loved.  A very special thanks for his wonderful love towards Jesus and God’s amazing people. He truly was a gift to our ministry and thousands of lives he touched throughout his journey of life on this earth.

 About Norman E. Moon; I have known Pastor Norman Moon and his wife Debbie for over 30 years. I’m honored and humbled to have Pastor Norman Moon as part of our Pastor’s Corner. His love for people and ability to communicate with people of all ages and walks of life has been the trademark of his ministry for more than 35 years. I know many young pastors will be blessed to receive wisdom and direction as they take steps to grow in pastoring their first church. Or just need a Word of wisdom to help you through trials that will come your way in pastoring. Every month we will upload new tips to help, encourage, and see you become successful. Let me share more about this mighty man of God.

Pastor Norman Moon has traveled throughout the United States and abroad ministering the love of Jesus Christ. He received his Biblical Studies from the Nazarene Bible College.

In 1981, Pastor Norman and Debbie pioneered their first church in Denver, Colorado. Pastor Norman Moon nurtured capable men and women who later were sent out to pioneer churches in Denver, Texas, California and Missouri.

In 1987, Pastor Moon returned to the evangelistic field and ministered in churches throughout the United States and abroad. He is now pastoring River of Life Church in Denver Colorado, before that he also worked for Promise Keepers and later as a consultant in the mental health field.

Pastor Norman and Debbie Moon have been married over 40 years. They have eight grandchildren. In addition to preaching and teaching, Pastor Moon is also a prolific song writer. In 1980, the songs he penned were performed in many churches across the United States.

Pastor Moon is a published author. His book, Two Ways to Travel, is now available in our online bookstore and nationwide.

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