Our 3 Boys

Allow me to introduce the Meza family to you. Dad, Jorge and mom Stephanie. They’re blessed with four amazing boys. One day, life took a turn allow me to introduce our three boys, Jorge and the twins Elias and Ezekiel when they all 3 were diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy it was a shock to say the least .

Little by little their little bodies could no longer function like other little boys their age. After a time they were unable to walk, and all three became wheelchair bound. 

The first day this couple entered the doors of our church A Touch From Above in Barrio Logan. My heart melted, these three amazing boys were smiling, shy, and yet you could see the sparkle in their little eyes. As I got to know each one, my love for these boys grew, and a great respect for this young mom and dad. I could see that they loved Jesus with all their heart, and He was truly the source of their strength.

As time passed, I was invited to their house for a Sunday lunch after church. My heart broke when I discovered this family lived in only a two bedroom apartment, no wheelchair accommodations. I’ve never heard one complaint from this couple. As I watched this father pick up each one of the boys, he carries them to the bathroom, and carries back to their chairs, and then again at night to their beds everyday and night. These boys are getting older and bigger, the mom can’t pick them up because their to heavy for her to carry.

I discovered this great need, as I watched they never knew my heart was so broken. THEY NEED OUR HELP!  There are so many needs, many unspoken!

would you PLEASE help me raise enough monies to purchase a home that can make life easier for these three boys. With wheelchair bathrooms and enough bedrooms to help live their lives in comfort. Together we CAN help this couple with our love gift. Together we can make the difference in 3 boys lives who need OUR HELP.  Click to give any amount: http://www.atouchfromabove.org/give

Your LOVE gift of any amount HELPS.

Please share our page with your friends and loved ones.

I know, TOGETHER WE CAN make life much easier for 3 amazing boys on wheels. If you’d like to give by phone please Call 1 (760) 315-1967

Bank Of America  –  Give Directly

Routing Number   121000358

Title of Account : A Touch From Above

Or Send checks or Money Orders:

ATFA , P.O. Box 2800 Ramona, CA 92065

Write in memo: Meza Boys

We are a 501(c)3 Non Profit 

Thank you for giving! Together We CAN help this amazing family!

As of Oct 18th, 2019 We’ve Raised $10,400

PLEASE continue to pray & GIVE! Thank you for your love and generosity.

Together we Can! To give please click link below. www.atouchfromabove.org/give