The Narrow Road - A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain

The Narrow Road
By Dr. Luauna Stines

Dear Readers, There is so much peace, joy and hope in living for Jesus with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. So many people are in search of peace of mind.  Is it really possible to experience such a wonderful thing, “true joy?”  How about hope?  Hoping for the best, hoping bad situations will turn around for good? I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have found the “peace which surpasses all understanding,” and the “joy that is unspeakable and full of glory.”  These ideals seem so foreign because the message which is being spread like an epidemic throughout every culture, through the media is completely opposite.

Billions of people worldwide are drowning in the gloom, fear and anger pouring through the television and internet.  The media celebrates in great detail the depraved acts of mankind who have no moral compass.  Then, like a rollercoaster, the masses are lured with the false, “joy,” of entertainment, celebrity, sports and wealth.  The whole world just marches to the beat of whatever is being promoted on television, like a mass of humanity flowing down a river together.

I was one of those people, searching and longing for peace in my heart; wanting joy and happiness which I could not find, giving up on hope, there was no such thing.  What about love, real love?  I thought, “Love is not real, it does not exist, no way, not from what I seen in my life.   Until the day, I gave my life to Jesus.  That day, my life was completely transformed; wow, I found true love and every good thing from the Lord.  He rescued me from the broad road of destruction, traveled by so many.  I detached myself from the influence of the media, from television.  I jumped into the Word of God and longed to be in His presence in prayer and worship.

Matthew 7:13-14; Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.  Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

As we draw closer and closer to Jesus, we become foreigners in this world, we are like fish swimming upstream.  Jesus’ arms are opened wide to anyone who will come to Him; yet so many are “under the influence.”  Yes, literally, under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  More are “under the influence,” of the world; like the “frog in the kettle,” just sitting there in water, slowly getting warmer and warmer, not realizing they are getting cooked.  Our country especially has been so “desensitized” against sin and darkness.  The world system and standards are more and more becoming the majority opinion and contrary to God’s Word.

There was a great cultural shift in the 1960’s, it was the generation of “free love,” “Woodstock,” “Roe v. Wade,” and the Bible was taken out of the schools.  Today, 50 years later, the legacy of turning away from God is:  there are more hurting and broken people still searching for peace, joy, hope and love; especially in Hollywood, the source of American culture.  The Bible says, in I John 2:15-16; not to love the world because its lusts, pride and riches are passing away.  He who does the will of God abides forever.

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In His Love & mine,
Dr. Luauna Stines