James Rice


I believe it’s time to stepUP! and live the life you were meant to live.
Let’s #RICEup together. I want to help you RICE2urPotential! 

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I’m from Dysart, Iowa, population 1,300 when I lived there. Small town life taught me to enjoy the simple things. It also taught me whether we’re from a big city or small town, we are more similar than different.


I earned a degree in finance from the University of Iowa.  Why?  Because my friends said accounting was hard and the other degrees were a waste of time!  I had NO idea where I was headed.  Lesson learned:  without purpose, it is hard to get motivated to do your best. I not only got a degree from the university, I got an education from life.



I have written my paycheck for the past 30 years and don’t plan on stopping.  I always wanted to start a business from Ground Zero-  something no one has ever seen, and in a way, I feel like I’m doing that- pedaling hope to everyone I meet.



I don’t believe life is hard, though it can be.  Most of our sorrows come from lack of discipline and accountability.  Get focused, get disciplined, and be accountable, then life, all of a sudden, becomes fulfilling.



Once upon a time, 25 years ago, I asked a simple question:  What comes after life on Earth?  My search led me to trust Jesus Christ as my Savior. My faith is at the root of all I think, say, and do.


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I was the third out of four boys, all born about 15 months apart. That was both pretty amazing and pretty rough. I always had teammates, but I also always had adversaries-  the best of both worlds. Twelve and 14 years later came my two sisters to add another dynamic to our eclectic brood.



Tired of being scrawny and meek, I started a quest for fitness in 1983 and never looked back.  Muscles gave me confidence... and girls!  They also taught me your greatest assets can create some of your greatest ass-aches. To me, food is fuel.  I’ve been on the same diet for 35 years- I simply eat what I want when I’m hungry, and let ketones do their thing.

A man holding a weight in his hand.



Finances are simple.  Committing to it is not so easy.  Spend less than you earn.  Don’t use credit cards.  Spend 3 out of 4 checks.  Fortunately, I had a father who was fiscally conservative.  He didn’t let his peers tempt his ego.  Combine that role model with the School of Hard Knocks and I learned all I needed to not only survive but thrive financially.



If you’re not having fun, then what is the point? Do what you love and love what you do isn’t just a saying for work, it’s a saying for life. I don’t just believe in Daily Intentional Action, I believe in Daily Intentional Thinking, being positive, thinking the best of others, and enjoying every minute.

And that’s a little about me. Now, let me get to know you! Reach out. Let’s connect. And let’s start working together to RICEup and lead a more fulfilling life.