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Lose Weight & Feel Good
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Constantly run down?
Feel like you can’t get out of the slump?
Tired of diet fads, gimmicks, diet pills?
Have you even considered Lap Band Surgery?
Tired of someone who never has had a bulge tell you how to lose yours?

You don’t want to miss these Heavenly Health Seminar’s with Dr. Luauna, discover how you can become healthy, full of energy and get back on track to run your course. You can lose up to 100 pounds in one year, without all the gimmicks.

Heavenly Health Seminar

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Having had a bout with cancer and a major surgery that left me very weak. I felt tired, and unhealthy not to mention I was overweight. I have realized there are many people out there just like me. Who are tired of being sick and tired, and have a desire to lose weight and have tried everything.

I have put together a Heavenly Health Seminar to help you, teach you and give you hope for a life change. How do I know I can help you make that change? Have you ever had a skinny person whose never had a bulge try to tell you how to lose yours? Who has never been over a size 6 and think they are fat? How about someone who was over weight, and has had to works hard to keep it off. Well that is me.

After being sick, it left me over weight, feeling weak, and troubled with not being able to fit into my cloths comfortable. I have lost weight without surgery, diet pills, fad diets or starvation.

I want to help you learn, and experience victory over sickness. Victory over being tired and being physically unhealthy.Image Sign up right away when we have the date up, there is limited seating and it goes fast. I personally will teach you everything you need to do.  You can be healthy. I promise, don’t wait another year, these seminar’s are worth your tomorrows.

I will upload more information to help you with HEALTH TIPS.  God bless you!