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Women in ministry? The Bible is filled with powerful women of God.

My book: “A Woman Called of God -The Tangled Web,” has taken a long time to come to print. when we are off-balance, we experience great pain in every area of our daily life. I bare my soul with the hope of helping millions of men and women to understand why finding balance is so important. Balance is more precious than gold.  We can live a balanced life today in an unbalanced world. Take courage; it is possible!

We must remove the invisible “burqa” of religious traditions and prejudice, which has held women in captivity, and left many men broken and hurting, even in the Christian church.

When quitting is NOT an option.  “Balance, a Simple Truth That Brings Freedom”  

Ladies, I have been working for 6 years, preparing; A Touch From Above – Christian University, an online university. Keep coming back, as we are looking to have it up and running full board.  A harvest awaits you!  We must study to show ourselves approved.  We will ordain powerful men and women called of God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • In Romans 16:7, you hardly ever hear about Junia, especially about her being an outstanding Apostle.
  • Although some say that Junia was a man, the origin of Alexandria, (c.185-253) said the name was a variant of Julia, Romans 16:15, As does Thayer’s Lexicon.
  • Leonard Swidler, Biblical Affirmations of Women (Philadelphia, PA: Westminister Press, 1979, page 342. He cited Jerome(340-419), Hattof Vercelli (924-961), Theophylack (1050-1108) and Peter Abelard (1079-1142), as believing Junia to be a woman.
  • Apparently the idea that Junia was man’s name is relatively modern concept, but the bulk of the best evidence available is that Junia was indeed a woman and an outstanding apostle.
  • A common counter argument against any woman being an apostle is this: why didn’t Jesus choose at least one woman among His apostles? Christ ministered primarily to the house of Israel, Matthew 15:24, he preached to Jews who were governed by both the Bible and the oral law. Jesus knew the oral law forbade women witnesses in both civil and religious matters.
  • Junia was not one of the twelve apostles; she was a New Testament church apostle as was the Apostle Paul.
  • Ephesians 4:8-11 tells us these apostles were not ordained until Jesus ascended, and their qualifications were vastly different than those governing the twelve.
  • You can also learn more at the Bible College, study to show yourself approved.

This is a vital subject to be explored.

  • There are over 6 billion people in the world today that need to be reached.
  • Do you think God cares who gets the job done?
  • Many women called of God are made to believe they cannot fulfill their God-given purpose.
  • Women in ministry have been ridiculed by their peers in ministry, both male and female.
  • Traditions of man have always, and will continue to hinder a great move of God.
  • The scribes and the Pharisees, although very educated and religious tried to hinder Jesus.
  • The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few.

Be not ashamed!
There have been many women, in the Bible who have preached the Word of God in power and have done a great work for the Lord, as a matter of fact, some of the first evangelists for Jesus were women.

  • Deborah, the Judge
  • The woman at the well
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Priscilla?
  • Phoebe
  • Philip’s four daughters
  • Tryphena
  • Tryphosa
  • Junia
  • And ladies, there are more!

Powerful Women of History

  • Maria Woodworth Etter, powerful woman Evangelist
  • Aimee Semple McPherson, the Founder of Foursquare.
  • Kathryn Kuhlman, Instructor of Benny Hinn Ministries
Women of History

Women of Today

  • Joyce Meyer
  • Gloria Copeland
  • Paulette Blaylock
  • Dr. Luauna Stines
  • Where’s your name?

The harvest is truly plentiful and yet the laborers are few, Jesus needs you! Come join the University & Seminary, be ordained, hold your head up tall and Go-Forth!