God Created Woman - A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain

Conference  June 28 , 29, 30, 2019

Held at A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain in beautiful San Diego, county in Ramona, California’s beautiful mountains.

Plan AHEAD ~ A Touch From Above presents our June 28th, 29th, 30th 2019
“God Created Woman!” Conference! Ladies don’t miss out on this amazing time in Jesus. Please Sign up today!

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The Rock House

This will be our first Woman’s Conference held at beautiful A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain in San Diego, California county. Up in the mountains, in Ramona 25 beautiful acres dedicated for God’s amazing people to pray and touch heaven from their knees.

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$200 includes your food & lodging.
(And transportation from airport to Prayer Mountain)
Note : Does NOT include airfare

Africa Cabin
Sit and pray, Jesus hears our cries.

Ladies, don’t miss this amazing time, 3 powerful Holy Spirit filled days. Join us @ A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain, for 3 powerful days, worship, God’s Word and amazing testimonies of God’s amazing grace.

Let’s grow and be prepared for the days ahead. Some women are bringing their tents and sleeping bags. To accommodate the women who are older and need a bed in a cabin. THANK YOU so much ladies! You’re awesome!

Those who sign up early will have a bed in a cabin, (But it’s filling up fast). 

We’re going to have a BLAST! 

We’ll sing around the fire pit, worship under the stares, and meet other powerful women of God. Ladies don’t miss out!

The price $200 includes all your meals.

Please bring your towel, tooth brush and personal items. And please let us know if we need to pick you up from the San Diego, CA airport. Remember to bring warmer cloths for the evening, at night its a little cooler, but SO beautiful.

Ladies, SIGN UP! Get ready to hear amazing powerful stories from women who have been broken, and how Jesus healed and changed their lives. This Woman’s Conference is worth every penny, you’ll walk away with a heart filled with a TREASURE Chest of God’s wisdom that will last YOU a LIFETIME.

1 (760) 315-1967

Ladies Don’t miss this powerful time

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