Dr. Nova Dean Pack

Dr. Nova Dean Pack was called into ministry as a young boy after his mother died at age 10. He taught Sunday School to other students his age and a little older. While he went to college and law school, he was inactive as a minister. Dr. Pack started seeking a stronger relationship with the Lord in 1979. In 1987, he started ministering the word of God in his local church that he attended and as a missionary during short turn around trips into Central America countries.

Dr. Pack was ordained by Dr. Chuck Flynn and Dr. Richard Maiden in 1992, and Dr. Pack’s ministry was licensed with the Independent Assemblies of God International, Santa Ana, CA in 1993. His ministry is called Christian International Embassy Ministries.

Dr. Pack has been a Christian attorney at law since 1974 with his office currently in Colton, California. As a lawyer, he specializes in asset protection, business, and estate planning, and some litigation in his law practice. He ministers in various churches and ministries each month, and particularly conducts seminars for Christian business owners and executives. Yet, Dr. Pack sees his business as a place and opportunity for ministry to those in need, where he witnesses to the unsaved, prays for the sick, takes care of those in need, and educates everyone he meets with Biblical principles. Dr. Pack is one of the very few attorneys at law that actually brings the wisdom in the Bible into his law practice for the benefit of his clients.

Dr. Pack had a radio talk show entitled “Business in Ministry” in San Bernardino, Ca., for almost two years in 1992 and 1993 where he taught business men and women how to make their businesses a place of ministry. In 1997 and 1998, Dr. Pack had a daily radio program that aired in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California, where his numerous sermons became the substance of radio broadcasts.

He pioneered his own church and ministry for five years from 1994 through 1999 in Redlands, California. Dr. Pack is a prolific writer, having written over 30 Christian books on various subjects, some directly for the Christian in business. Also, he is an accomplished public minister who teaches under a strong anointing. Dr. Pack has learned how to bring the dynamic of bringing the intellectual endeavor under the authority and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

He has preached and taught over a thousand messages over the years. Dr. Pack’s books and sermons range from topics on revival, the Bible on Wealth and Riches, Money, Biblical prosperity, Business Men and Women as Ministers, Women in Ministry, anointed as Kings & Priests, the differences in the Five-Fold Ministries, Spiritual Warfare, a Servant’s Authentic Authority, What Really Happened On The Cross and Atonement, Twelve Questions to Activate Kingdom Life, Traveling on Spiritual Route 66, the Knowledge and Experience of God’s Uncreated Life, and numerous other topics to enrich the lives of those in the body of Christ.

Dr. Pack has been active concerning the protection of Christian rights in the market place and government. In 1989, Dr. Pack wrote a City of Tustin Prayer Proclamation, which was passed unanimously by the City Council, making Thanksgiving Day of each year a day of prayer for all citizens within the city. This prayer proclamation was read on TBN Praise the Lord program by Paul Crouch in November of 1989. Subsequently, the Tustin mayor, on the false and unfounded opinion of the City Attorney, issued a letter to all pastors in the city that they could not mention the name of their deity, such as “Jesus,” in their invocation prayer opening the City Council meetings. As an attorney and ordained minister, Dr. Pack successfully led the people and most all the pastors in the community to oppose this “anti-Jesus” prayer prohibition. Dr. Pack’s strategy was to use a “violation of free speech” instead of a “violation of the free exercise of religion.” The strategy worked and brought much secular news coverage. The City Council backed down and allowed the name of Jesus to be used in the prayer proclamation.

Dr. Pack oversees different ministries. He is also the attorney for the Independent Assemblies of God International, where he also is ordained.

Dr. Pack has traveled to several countries speaking to businessmen, high governmental officials, bankers, lawyers, judges and other leaders on how to make Biblical principles a reality in the affairs of business and governmental policies in those countries.

Currently, Dr. Pack sends his Bible teachings each month by email to an estimate of 30,000 readers who live in over 55 different countries.

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