Beverly Maes

Dr. Luauna’s personal Assistant.

It’s an honor to introduce Beverly Maes is my personal assistant, and works faithfully in ministry at A Touch From Above, and has been for over 30 years. Born in North Carolina, lived in Germany and many other places, being the daughter of an Army sergeant. Her dad was a Drill Sergeant. Beverly attended Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she was working toward an Associates Degree in General Studies.

Beverly became a Christian in 1985 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, worked for Compassion International for 4 years, as a Human Resources Assistant.

Meeting Dr. Luauna Stines in 1987, Beverly moved into one of her Victorious Homes for Women.  Beverly became an assistant director in the women’s home for 5 years, in Colorado, Springs Colorado, and for 2 years in Oregon.

Beverly has dedicated her life to work in ministry at A Touch From Above in various roles, administrative and in computer support.  Beverly has traveled with Dr. Luauna across the U.S.A, including, Mission America trips covering the United States of America, and as part of a team into Seoul, South Korea.

What a blessing to have Beverly as part of our team at A Touch From Above.