Abused Women


Dr. Luauna Stines is the Founder of Victorious Homes for Men & Women, a discipleship program which has had over 500 women come through the program for over 20 years, starting in Colorado, Oregon and now in California. When arriving in San Diego, CA, I hadn’t thought about opening up another Home for abused women, but after seeing the OVER WHELMING need. A need that can’t be ignored.  A home is to be a safe place for moms and little ones. No woman ever plans to be abused. But everyday women and children are abused.  Where do these women with children go?  Most shelters allow only 5 – 7 days, and most will NOT allow children. No mother wants to leave her children behind, abuse is heart breaking and destroys thousands of lives.

Take a moment and read real life stories:   

Hi, Sorry for not telling my name. I‘m a mom with two beautiful little children, I hid in order to be safe. I married with an understanding my husband would love and protect me. After four years of being married the abuse started.  His personality changed. I didn’t know what had happened. I wasn’t sure if he started doing drugs, it was strange, one day he was loving and kind, the next day he was different. At first it started with yelling and then the hitting started. I was young and now with two small children. The beating grew worse and worse, until I finally fled for my safety and for my children. I left with very few clothes nor any of my belongings. I knew if my husband caught me packing, I wouldn’t be writing this today. I couldn’t take the abuse any longer. It was unfair for my children to see and hear the screaming, and abuse. It was not a matter of, “He’s going to kill you, it was a matter of when!”  NO, it’s not easy, but today I’m safe.   Signed : Mom With Two Little Ones

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I was married, for only one year, and it all started. I couldn’t even look up, or walk to the store by myself. I was trapped like a prisoner in my own home. Whenever we went out to eat I had to make sure I had no eye contact with anyone or else when we got home it would all start, the screaming, yelling, and then the hitting. I found myself so fearful to say anything at all. The abuse began to increase, everyday he found some reason to hit me, I wanted to just die. One day, Dr. Luauna came to visit me, my husband was gone but I knew he would return soon.

Dr. Luauna saw right through my fake smile, I heard my husband’s truck coming down the street. My heart almost beating out of my chest, fearful I asked Dr. Luauna and Jill to please hide! I hid them in my closet upstairs, and just in time. When my husband walked in it was within a minute he started yelling and slapped me across the face. Why did he hit me? He forgot his cigarettes at the store, and he was mad.  Yelling at me as he walked outside to his truck he went back to the store.

I ran upstairs and said, “You have to leave before he comes back.” Dr. Luauna, jumped up, grabbed an arm full of  my clothes off the rack, threw them on the bed, emptied my dresser, yelled for me to get the stuff I really needed. I was so scared, I just stood there. I yelled, “He’ll kill me if he catches me leaving!” Dr. Luauna looked at me right in the eye, and said, “If you don’t leave HE IS GOING To KILL YOU!  Hurry, get only what you need.” Jill and Dr. Luauna, grabbed the bedspread from corner to corner with all my stuff in it and carried it to the truck. I jumped in and sat in the middle, as we turned the corner, my husband was driving down the street. Dr. Luauna and Jill hid me and kept driving on. Dr. Luauna I hid in one of her homes, it took me a long time to feel peace again. It was no more than six months later my husband killed 3 people. He was placed on death row. Abuse!  No one ever plans for it, sometimes it just happens.  Signed: Freedom  

3pregI didn’t know what happened, our relationship seemed like it turned on a dime. Months and months of fighting, I had just had a baby, and we were driving down the street when he started yelling. Screaming louder and louder, then all of a sudden he reached over across me, opened the car door while driving and pushed me out of the car. I had my baby in my arms all bundled in a blanket, it happened so fast. My husband threw me out of the car, I rolled out of the car with my baby in my arms. He continued driving. It was miracle we both didn’t get killed or run over.  Before I knew what happened, Dr. Luauna was helping me get up and out of the street. I was in a panic. She took me right into her home, I just sat there shaking and weeping out of control.  Thinking how my husband threw me out of a moving car. He threw me out right in front of one of Dr. Luauna’s women’s homes.  I was blinded by twisted love, abused and didn’t even realize it.  Signed : Laura

I was in the Women’s Home for over a year in Colorado. Having trouble trusting and going through a major trial in my life. The Home really helped me with structure, the main thing that helped me was the leadership, the commitment and compassion to see me through the trials. I currently work in Corrections, in a prison in Canon City and now I am able to help others. Signed: Jane    2

I moved into the Women’s Home because I needed direction for my life, the Christian training transformed my behavior, the counseling and guidance was vital to shape me into a leader. I eventually became a director in the Home and began to reach out to women from every walk of life, to help them as I had been helped. This experience has not only been rewarding, I discovered God’s purpose for my life, to work in full-time Christian ministry.  Signed: Beverly

There are many heart gripping stories to share. What is needed, your prayers and support. Thank you for caring, and giving. God bless you!  Signed: Dr. Luauna Stines 


1Give with all your heart!  Because together we CAN make a bigger difference!joy