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A Touch From Above Foundation

Purpose: Changing the world one soul at a time.

A Touch From Above -Christian University

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Malawi, Africa A Touch From Above Branch

Isaac Gomani launched branch of A Touch From Above, after one year of training at the Prayer Mountain.

Prayer Mountain

Prayer Mountain, 25 beautiful acres in Southern California a place for all Christians from around the world to come and spend time in prayer and fasting.


After seeing a greater need to help more than just 500 women and 250 men bring balance to their lives; I saw the need to create A Touch From Above LSM. Inc Foundation, seeing the need to go globally to reach and help millions of young men and women.

Victorious Homes for Men & Women in Oregon

Five homes, 4 homes filled with women, and one filled with men. A program to help broken and hurting men and women to find purpose, to walk free from drugs, alcohol, rejection, abuse, including a program to help single mothers to become great mothers.

Victorious Homes for Women

First home opened, starting off with 18 women, in time over 500 women.