Mission San Diego

San Diego, what an amazing place, people from all over the world come to visit this city, known for the famous Sea World, San Diego Zoo, or Hotel Del Coronado.

Hotel Del

We who live here call it “The Del,” this beachfront beauty that screams LUXURY, just across the San Diego Bay an amazing wooden Victorian resort, known as one of the oldest wooden buildings in California. It dates back to 1888, it’s known for hosting presidents, and royalty, and of course movie stars from Hollywood, grace us with their presence.

San Diego with it’s beaches, cliffs, white sands, and of course let’s not forget the early morning surfing done in La Jolla, and Mission Beach as hundreds gather. Then there is Balboa Park, with the world’s largest Organ Pavilion, where concerts are heard in the summer nights, with music so sweet and beautiful it’s whispered on the wings of the WIND.

The shores of San Diego, CA with 70 miles of stunning beaches, where ships of every sort line the docks or shores, from the small private sail boats to family fishing boats, large cruise ships that dock to load and unload people from every corner of the world.

As they unload the people notice the breathtaking views of the city’s high rise buildings, and just a few yards away the world’s oldest active sailing ship graces the pier, with sails lifted and the hundreds of ropes throughout that great ship, as the tourists pull out their cameras to take home a picture of this 1863 Star of India ship.

WOW, the beauty is amazing throughout the city! No words can really describe the beauty. Only those who have come to this city can express what their eyes have seen. This perfect weather all year round, seems almost a perfect place..!

Why Mission San Diego? Behind all the beauty in this city there is another side of the city not many people notice. In the very same place tourist’s line up to catch the trolley to visit the city, many do not notice the young girls who line up along the streets hoping to catch the attention of men, who would be willing to pay for sex. Under age prostitutes are everywhere throughout this city, while an evil force is busy working to smuggle underage girls across the Mexican border, some of these girls never to be seen again as young as 13 years of age. Where sexual abuse has pushed many of these teens into thinking, “What does it matter anyway?”

Also behind the walls of these beautiful homes are many broken hearts, fathers who are drunk, beating their wives in anger. Teens strung out on drugs, not just smoking pot, teens warm a spoon filled with powder to prepare a needle of this wicked substance called heroin.


Kids as young as 12, are playing Russian roulette with their lives, smoking crack that is so easy to access, the border of Mexico just 10 minutes away. With so many family issues that cause many a teen to give in to this demonic force of drug addiction, to hide the hurt and numb their heart. These teens only go deeper into a web of Satan, as John 10:10 comes alive, “The devil comes only but to kill steal and destroy!” Where there are VERY FEW places which take in these teens to help see them free. Parents are looking frantically to find help with their kid before they end up dead.

Why Mission San Diego? Wanting to reach out to the gay community with the Gospel of hope, last year, I set my camera up the first day of the Gay Pride Parade, to get film coverage for a documentary and a book I am writing, “It’s Not Gay At All.” I set my tripod and camera right in the middle of the street, one of the LARGEST gay pride marches, known as the 5th largest celebration of gay pride in the United States, with over 165,000 people attending and marching. I think they thought I was part of a TV crew so no one bothered me as I was filming. I wanted to show what force was behind this march through film, only to discover I had to close my eyes as not to be defiled by what I was filming. Men and women, young and old, rich and poor, were marching, so blinded by this force behind the spirit of darkness. One of my helpers, in tears as she was shocked to see what was in front of us; I asked her if she was ok. She lowered her head in shame, as she said, “Why is the church not doing their job, reaching these people who are so lost?” Tears streaming down her face, I knew she had been behind the church walls for too long. San Diego, known as a gay HUB, teens by the thousands are being swept into this lifestyle without warning of the destruction to come upon them. Why Mission San Diego? Because they need JESUS!

Why Mission San Diego? Mercedes, Bentleys, Jaguars and giant limousines cruise the streets approaching their million dollar homes. People with so much money in their bank accounts, yet their souls are empty, lost and bound by fear. Behind closed doors, many only spiral into the depths of oppression and depression. No amount of money can buy the peace that only comes from JESUS.

Bars along 5th Avenue filled with people looking to fill the void of their heart, going from one bar to another, one night stand after another, leaving them scarred by sin. Thousands of people up and down the streets, some businessmen and women so drunk they can barely walk to find their car. Staggering up and down the street, no different looking than the homeless person, whose eyes are so empty, when you look into them all you see is a void…!

The homeless tent is set up only half a mile away, where over 3,000 homeless gather in hopes to find a bunk for the night, while people just feed their tummies and not their souls.


Driving along these beautiful streets, caught and swept away in it’s beauty, one does not notice all the other homeless who gather along the freeways, or under the park benches, or in their cardboard boxes to sleep along the sidewalk, out of sight from all the tourists who flock to see this beautiful city, San Diego, CA.

Why Mission San Diego? The population in all of San Diego County is 3 million…! Jesus looked at Jerusalem and He wept! I have not even touched on the gang violence, the hate that causes one group of people to kill another group of people. San Diego, California is filled with gang violence, everyday someone is in the hospital or killed.

Why Mission San Diego? False religion is everywhere, while we are out on the trolley, the streets, and the buses, 5 -6 hours a day, three days a week reaching out to hundreds a day, we are not surprised to find other people passing out fliers and giving people poison.

False doctrine is given out on a silver platter, as the devil sweeps thousands into deception, thousands think they have the truth; while they walk in death, spiritual DEATH. We must help them, we must bring them out of deception as well, and it is only the GOSPEL of Jesus who will break the yoke.

I am trusting God for San Diego, to build the largest Spirit-filled Christian church full of the glory and power of the Almighty God. If God speaks to your heart to help, then please do so!

Join us, and please pray for us. We also hold a services in the inner city, 1805 Main St, San Diego, CA 92113 Sundays at 10:00 am, thank you so much for your time! We are breaking through to new ground, TAKING BACK THE LAND, to God be ALL the GLORY, and God bless you! Join us for a GREAT time in the WORD.

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