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When you pick up “A Mother’s Story” by Dr. Luauna Stines, be ready to read this easy-to-read book to the end. It will make you laugh and cry while describing God’s miraculous work of redemption. If you are going to be or ever have been a single mother or father, you will relate to it. A great book for all teens and adults to read now.
Cheryl (Los Alamos, New Mexico)

Good Morning, I received your book on Thursday, opened it yesterday after work and couldn’t put it down. By 1:00 am this morning I finished, a VERY powerful story! I was blessed by it and knowing you personally I could hear your voice, and had to laugh out loud in some parts. Your message of the Love of Jesus was clear and personal and brings hope.
Annamarie (San Diego, CA)

Also…I can’t put your book down. What quick and easy reading. My 91 year old mother was standing up in the kitchen on Sunday night reading the book about 90% through when I told her to sit down. I am looking forward to your “Tangled Wed” when it comes out.
Ramona (Bonita, CA)

Just read your book and loved it. Thank you for sharing your life story and showing us all how to be a great mom, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to launch this book. I wish you great success with it. All moms should read this book; I especially loved the miracles you experienced.
Kathy (San Diego, CA)

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This is my story, a murdered husband, betrayal of a marriage and a devastating drug addiction. Discover, how the drastic change in one’s life came when there is a collision with Truth. This book is for everyone, you will cry, you will laugh and you will be inspired by God’s power. A great gift!