Prayer Mountain

Join us for a Sunday 10 AM Church service. 

A Touch From Above Prayer Mountain

16145 Hwy 67 – Ramona CA 92065

Our services are held on 25 beautiful acres of land.

Go to the little coffee shop before service and purchase a mocha, or a delicious fresh brewed cup of coffee.

Join in praise and worship, as our team opens heaven and brings God’s wonderful presence.

Word UP Wednesday 7 PM  Facebook LIVE @DrLuauna Stines  

I would love to meet you.  Join us and learn your Bible as we take you through God’s Word. Word Up Wednesday is a powerful time, be ready to dive into the amazing Word of God.

Walk with Jesus through the streets of Jerusalem. Step into the upper room and learn more about the Holy Spirit’s power. Learn what the Bible say about the end times, the mark of the beast, and so much more.

Walk with Jesus, and see how Jesus healed the sick and changed the lives of thousands. Discover how Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. You will never be the same, as you discover how great is our God.

 Wednesdays 7 p.m Facebook Live @DrLuauna Stines

 Sunday 10 a.m.

Come early for Prayer.

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Cox Cable – Channel 18 & 23 (Sunday 9 A.M. )
Spectrum Cable – Channel 19 (Wednesday 5:00 p.m.)

Radio: 8 am (PT) A Touch From Above w/ Dr. Luauna Stines – San Diego, CA
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24 / 7   – LISTEN LIVE online.

Join Us

 As we start the 2021 hitting the streets with the Gospel. Join us as we minister the wonderful Good News. Hundreds of people on the fast lane of their life with no concern of Heaven or Hell.  Jesus. He has called us, to GO-Forth.


Standing on the street corner, or walking down 5th Ave, singing and sharing what Jesus has done in our hearts.

Many people are hurting and have never heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Some people will never enter a church, so we must take church to them. Together we make a greater difference. PRAY for us as we GO Forth to gather in a harvest of souls for Jesus Christ.

We’re seeing many people come to Jesus, some come and listen to the music and the sermon. One young boy said, “I don’t know what a Christian is.”  He prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and savior. He was so excited as we gave him his own first Bible.  He walked away, with a big smile reading his Bible.
Saints, God bless you! Let’s stand for JESUS CHRIST in these last days. AND thank you for your prayers and support. Praise echos across the city streets, or over the waters at the beach by the Holy Spirit, powerful testimonies, or a simple sermon message goes forth in His POWER on the wings of the WIND.
An altar call is always given at the end of the outreach and prayer for those who are in need. “Who can make a temple made by mans hands that I may dwell in,” say’s the LORD, “for behold I dwell in the hears of men.” God bless you, and again thank you for your prayers. I Love you in Jesus.  You are special indeed.
Our ministry couldn’t do what we do without your help. THANK YOU!